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a deterministic adventure project

Welcome, Tester! 


To: New Tester 

Subject: Welcome

Dear testers, through this message, we would like to convey our warmest welcome to you as the newest tester of NTM Alkindi model v.08 developed by us, Triquetra Consulting Firm, a leading consulting company located in . We are really grateful that you have chosen our model as a start to gain the cognitive and perceptive enhancement for your future better work life.

For the past few months, we’ve been really hard at work preparing our model with the hope of providing a transformative breakthrough to answer the modern world's need for multi-tasking and problem-solving skill. Working with renowned meta-mathematician, temporal-psychoanalyst, and business leaders, we finally found the equation to unlock a new way of thinking. An equation that gives us a fresh look at how we perceive y and will take humanity through a great leap in intellectual progress. Your contribution to the test is our one step closer to the collective understanding of universe.

Your time and participation are really valuable to us. We are honored to have you on our pursuit of a universal on how humans can unlock their unlimited potential.

How To Use This Software

  1. Download the software, no installation is required. Extract the .zip folder and you're ready to go.
  2. Open the software.
  3. Navigation: Use the left mouse button and keyboard. 
  4. Press  or space button or Y button to fast forward. (Disclaimer: only works on some parts of the testing.)
  5. Save: The software saves your progress automatically. If you're encountering data loss, please report it to us.

By following these steps and actively exploring the features and capabilities of the software, you can effectively utilize the software to achieve your desired outcomes efficiently.

Download the software and send bug reports here.

Happy testing :)


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TEST TEST TEST vXX23-08-16.zip 38 MB

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This was a real fun brain teaser, truly riveting! Once all the pieces starting falling into place everything starts making sense. "Good Job", i was truly impressed with you work!

What's the computer password its sooo difficult plz give me a hint OTL


hint: D2

Neat game! I was able to solve it all blind, although entering the server reboot threw me for a loop. I couldn't figure out what to do after reopening the game after completion, though... but I'm happy to leave it there. 

There are some parts which feel like they were not translated very well, which interfere a little bit with understanding. It makes me wonder if there's additional details about what's happening in the narrative that I couldn't understand. But, I'm happy to break the equation and call the game done.

Could this be avaible to the ZX Next Issue 2 please ?

Thanks! Perfect!

Any way to make it work on a ultrawide screen? Tried Alt + Enter but couldn't resize the game screen


I don't usually like puzzle game but in the end TEST TEST TEST is cool. I LIKED A LOT THE ART STYLE, A LOT LOT. Very cool game. 10/10

-------FULL SPOILER-------



I was stuck at the second test because I didn't have figure it out how to get the report from the document shredder.For the brightness I THOUGHT AT THE PC BRIGHTNESS... I know I'm stupid. the final test I didn't eaven tried. I searched on internet because I can't decrypt that.

I really enjoyed this kinda puzzle game. This is my playthrough of this game with indonesian language. Hope u understand that! 10/10

The video game is made very interesting, but unfortunately the game is not made for the average statistical player who has an average knowledge of English.(Here and further I am talking about myself). The problem with the video game is that it can be hard to think of what I should do here. Especially that I have to go into the browser to get hints. It would be better if this somehow worked through the video game. But like I said earlier watching the walkthrough on youtube was interesting.

This game was amazing, the loops, even tho they were repetitive didnt feel boring at all. Also, all the coloring you did, where only the items you could interact with were pink was very good. I would defenetly look forward to play any other games by these creators!!

kind of game…


Will play later



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Fun game, definitely didn't rage (the ringtone man).

I haven't played a game this good in a long time, felt like a detective. It was intriguing the whole time and liked the use of the web pages, felt quite a surreal experience. Thanks for this game.

This was fun! And I didn't need any hints 💅

It was elRlay oGod

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I liked the game. Simple enough and short enough to be fun.

I made a decipher for those who don't want to translate the computer password, server room reboot [redacted] and clock numbers manually.

TEST TEST TEST Decipher on Scratch (mit.edu)
Use it when you find out how to decode first letters but too lazy to decode whole word.


Normally I'm like, "Ugh this game requires me to write things down on a piece of paper." But with this game, I actually enjoyed deciphering the codes on pen and paper. Felt like I was on this wild ride of a scavenger hunt.

really, really nice game

i especially loved the art style (and colour palette!)

puzzles were great, other than the 2 obvious problems everyone else here has mentioned

WORK it harder make it better

do it FASTER makes us stronger

more than ever hour after

hour work is never over.

--spoiler (kinda)--

i really wanted to write that in the "hex" code, but i don't have the patience to write that and none of you would have the patience to decode it (i hope)

61631f39 f91c c1f31f6c191f c6f33919 f91c 3f191c1c191f
6c63 f91c fff3f61c191f c6f33919f6 16f6 f61c1f63c96f191f
c6631f19 1cc1f3c9 199c191f c163161f f3ff1c191f
c163161f 61631f39 f9f6 c9199c191f 639c191f.



I wrote the hints on the back of my paystub and if that isn't the perfect visual for this game I don't know what is. It's true what they say about WORK.

This was really fun to play through! I enjoyed the integration of the websites into it all, and how there was no real guidance at all.

The last puzzle took a bit to figure out.  Somebody in my Twitch chat mostly solved it lol.  Took me ages to figure out how to use the final answer, though.  Wasn't until I said "Screw it" that I realized that the action I took was what you were actually supposed to do.


I feel like I'm too stupid for this game.

but the graphics and the music are amazing.

Is it possible to play the game again?

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My friends and I solved the puzzles together and it was mindblowing figuring out some stuff


the number pi lol

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This is a Great Game , for me a person who arent a fan of point and click games , you caught me with this one...well done

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Best game on Itch. I played for 1 hour and absolutely loved it. The puzzles are so good. 10/10

(1 edit) (+3)(-1)

Can you fix the file to make it downloadable through the itch launcher? I think you need a tag of some sort to say the file is for windows or something.

The game was GREAT. I played it while in school and honestly I did need a walkthrough to get through most of it, but it was REALLY fun

(2 edits) (+1)(-1)

here are clues to make solving the puzzles easier not a guide on how to "finish" the game.


1.The note mention's the time for both D2 and event elev.

2.The urls are real.

2.The Docs have hidden massages, look for glitches.

4.to dechiper understand correspondence.

5.The first c is actually for before activating the sequence.

6.to solve the equation, remember the Clock's sequence (Don't count the zero when solving.)

(3 edits)

also, there are report ids all over the game, they are like easter eggs try to Find em all.


I played this game because of your comment. Thank you!


Thank you for all the love and care into this one. I've been needing some good puzzles for a while! 


Keep your eyes and ears peeled for August 4th. 

Neat little easter egg in one of the files on the computer. Take the code and put it into the ID number in your browser.

one of the best games i played on itchio

took me 3 hours to complete it even with a friend, but it was worth it. liked the premise

It's a very nice premise, but also very difficult with very little direction. I had to look up walkthroughs for 90% of it, and even then I could not understand the ciphers.

test test

I had an amazing time playing your game, Mojiken! I really can't overstate how hooked I was. I love the style, I love the story, I loved the puzzles. Is this inspired by Katana Zero?
*Maybe a spoiler??? Following 3,2,1:**
I have to admit that I solved the last thing using chatGPT. I only had a minute remaining in my day when I got the third report, so I quickly entered it in GPT and it solved it. 

Anyway, really great job.


This was a fun short experience. The puzzles aren't too crazy difficult beyond needing a sheet of paper and some time. Pausing the game DOES stop the timer, which was crucial for copying down some of the clues without so many resets. Nails the time-loop gimmick along with production quality.


I ended up finding the GitHub for the companion website though, so I found the cipher out of order. In the long run, it didn't ruin the experience though.

Would be cool to see an RPG YouTuber like ManlyBadassHero play this.

Hey I really enjoyed this game and i'm surprised I haven't heard about it more. I really enjoyed the atmosphere and feeling that the game give 10/10. The only complaint I have is that some of the puzzles? were too hard :( I spent like 40 minutes stuck on one part lol. anyways I made a gameplay video on this I hope you can check it out thanks!

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Report D999:

There is a glitch here (typo "pesentation").

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