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Take your pet for a walk to Sunset Peak and gift them presents you've found along the way to uplift their gloomy heart.


Grandma passed away a few days ago, leaving behind her beloved pet: a three-headed lizard named Thaw, Tea, and Tooth. Grandma wrote that they had the cutest bark, yet not a sound came out of them but a little whimper now. 

Grandma's death must be hard for them.

Take Thaw, Tea, and Tooth for a walk in Sunset Park.

Along your way, you may find presents to uplift their spirit. Be mindful; each possesses unique tastes, and ill-suited gift will deepen their gloom.

As you reach the peak of Sunset Peak, the evening walk with Thaw Tea Tooth will end. It’s up to you to make them earn their happy bark again or not. If not in the first walk, maybe they'll warm up to you in the next.




Made during Mojikencamp 2023
Rena (Director) | Akifu (Lead Programmer) | Salman (Lead Artist) | Taufiq (Artist) | Seto (Artist) | Masdito Bachtiar (Audio) | Sato Moccatune (Guitar)

This game is still in the prototype phase, your feedback is deeply appreciated!

Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars
(58 total ratings)
AuthorsMojiken Studio, bluilisht
Tags3D, Indie, lizard, pet, Virtual Pet, Walking simulator, wholesome


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estoy teniendo problemas al momento de darle play no funciona y no piedo jugar por favor arreglen esto quiero jugar este juego se ve realmente hermoso

A very nice story! I had a lot of fun with it even though I managed to get a frozen screen for my second walk xD. I still really liked the message and the art a lot <3

only black screen :-(



Cool art style, character design

Really nice, heartwarming game that gives me an Animal Crossing vibe. 

Aesthetically an absolute triumph. If yoi're going to continue to develop this I have three recommendations.

1) Rotating the camera is too slow. Speed it up.

2) It would be better to just let the player move to the next area without having to wait for the pet (pets?). I understand your thinking, but it adds nothing to the gameplay and is mostly just annoying.

3) Have someone good at english proofread it. It's perfecttly comprehensible, but it's also apparent that whoever wrote it isn't very good at english.

Best of luck!


this was such a beautiful game. clever concept and the art was so nice. the music was perfect too. it made me wish there was more to it! incredible i loved it 10/10 i'm emotional.


I loved the game is really beautiful in all its artistic section and has a relaxing atmosphere with its color palette also its music also gives this same feeling, its story is short but it is beautiful and is quite good, in general I liked it a lot, the only thing I would have as an objection is that the controls at least personally I did not feel very comfortable,  And in the camera especially I think that when you try to move it manually it is too slow, otherwise I love a very nice game


I like the drawing style of the game :))

what a great game! sucha cute little sweet game ahh i loved it thank you!


I love the artistic direction! So cute !


Minecraft tales and trails update looking lit

Short and sweet. Exactly what I wanted from this and exactly what I got.


Watch this dude get sued for Tails and Trails Update

(1 edit) (+3)

pretty sure it's tales and trails, and by the way they probably wouldn't even bother with sueing unless they named the game mincraft tayils and trales or something lol

made me cry

ตัวเกมมีความคิดสร้างสรรค์ น่ารักดี ง่ายต่อการเล่นเข้าใจง่ายไม่ยาก ขอบคุณ

I thought this game was so sweet and meaningful, and so incredibly cute!!



Hey there! I want you to know just how much your game touched my heart. Thank you for making a very sweet and cute game about something as simple as walking your pets at the park. You've done an incredible job at the topic of loss and grief and how that grief also extends to our loving pets. I am in awe of your artwork and enjoyed the music as well. It was a lot more challenging than I thought too! 

8/10 - Help lift your pets' heavy heart by getting fresh air and walking along with them at Sunset Park

I hope you don't mind, I featured your game in my Indie Game video :)







Hello! First of all, good job, I have to say that it's a short experience but I did enojoy it anyway. I only noticed one bug: the trees sometimes look weird, like buggy. Other than that, good game!

Game keeps crashing on my 4GB RAM laptop. Is this due to my potato PC ?


I gotta tell you it was perfect everything down to last detail


Love it!

The story is touching, the music is bright and uplifting, and I had so much fun!

I found only 2 bugs:

In the earlier dialogue when I started, there is a typo "Thaw, Tea. and Tooth" which should be "Thaw, Tea, and Tooth" I presume.

Also, I played it on Windows 11 with a PS4 joystick, the menu showed the "L1" button to move to the left tab and the "L1" button to move to the right tab, I presume the moving to the right tab should show the "R1" button.

This art style is sooooo cute! I am in love!

love the game, so cute, wholesome story with good scenery, would be nice if i can run in the game

Very cute, sentimental game,  Would be nice if the character moved just a bit faster in my opinion.

It was very good, a story of overcoming sadness together that goes on in the overall atmosphere of a gentle world.

My favorite scene is the one at the top where Thaw, Tea, and Tooth are staring at the sky.

In the normal ending, I was almost choked up by the beautiful view they were gazing at amidst the lonely music.

In the true ending, the melody is the same, but the tone is brighter, and I could feel the moment when my heart was refreshed in that scene.

It was a really good game experience. Thank you very much.

I am looking forward to the soundtrack as well. I still listen to the soundtrack of She and the Light Bearer and I thought I would be happy if I could listen to the songs of this game as well. Thank you in advance!


dont work just say made with unity like those crappy voodoo games do and crash


I think that it has something to do with your files or they way you extracted them, i suggest downloading the itch launcher as its easier to use.

A very sweet game about moving on and the grieving process. a good game to relax to with soft music, a simple game mechanic, and a lovely design and atmosphere. very much enjoyed my experience!


Loved this interesting puzzle game! At first I didn't realize that it was one, then on my second walk I realized I needed to stratagize understanding that one was the most difficult, and on my third I almost didn't win gg keep up the good work

Compatible with all major gamepads, right?

(1 edit)

Some button icon might show up wrong, but it should be playable.


This sure Looks adorable :D I'll post a reply on my comment after I finished playing!

This is so cute <3

The art and music is very nice. I also like the story and the three-headed lizard. It is very short but very sweet.
I didn't like the puzzle of feeding the lizard very much because you have to know ahead of time which treats are on the map and what they do to solve it. I think I would like the puzzle more if you first collected all the treats and then fed them to the lizard on the picnic spot, and if you knew beforehand what each head liked (or could find out through the story). I don't find replaying the game to solve the puzzle very interesting because at that point I already saw the complete environment.


I played your game many times, and reallllyy loves it! Thank you for your great story and cozy graphics! I guess I got all endingsXD

can someone help me!! :( the game downloads and everything but then when I open it up it stops responding having me to exit out of it. I downloaded it like 3 times already and I really want to play it.

(1 edit)

We are using Unity to create the game and it often has problems like this. Can you confirm that you can play other Unity games first? Also, it would be helpful if you can send your computer spec to dev@mojikenstudio.com

Yes, I am able to play other games made by Unity. And will do!! thanks!!

this is a really cool concept

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