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Welcome to the Fire Mountain.

An omen has been revealed,

Embark upon a journey to the Fire Mountain.

Explore the forest. 

Survive the wilderness. 

Reach the summit. 

Fulfill the omen.

Your fate awaits.


  • Unclean meat.
  • Trees.
  • Monologues.
  • Bizarre obstacles.
  • Joypad support


7 Days in the Fire Mountain is a survival, forest-exploration, adventure game. It tells a story of one girl's journey to a mysterious mountain called "Fire Mountain". 

It is essentially a short game made for one month during Mojikencamp, an internal upgrading program in Mojiken studio

Please send us your comment and feedback here or at contact@mojikenstudio.com to help us further on developing more games.


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Elwin Alice
Eka Pramudita M
Seto Nugroho / Amazing Red Panda
Roland Melvin Z / Pixel Priest
Masdito Bachtiar / Ittou Soundworks
Dio Als


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Hello Mojiken, my name is Ash. I hope you are well ^_^

You made '7 Days in the Fire Mountain' which I played on my YouTube channel.

I know it's been a while since then, but I am hosting an event soon, a Game Jam.

It is a Smile Game Builder jam.  I would like to invite you to participate!

you could submit something that will draw attention to any other game project you are making!

I hope you will take a look at the details of the jam, here!:


And if you can, I hope you'll join ^_^

Please let me know if you have any questions!

Best regards!

What are the min reqs to run it?

Thank you for the surreal journey, other than the ticking health being perhaps a little unforgiving we had a great time!


I strangely found this game to be awesome, although I normally dislike creepy stuff in general, and harming people or one's self in particular. Call me weird if you want :)

Anyway, let's speak of the real question here : does the bird's eye charm have a function? And is this a bug to be, sometimes, able to complete it by picking two times the same bird?

On a more general topic, you would be a true benefactor of mankind if you could tell me if there is another, hidden ending to unlock, or if I'm just looking for something that does not exist :)


Check out 04:40  in my video for a quick overview of 7 Days in the Fire Mountain


Oh my word, how do you put this game into words? It's a mish-mash of survival, maze-running, hints of horror and even has some puzzle elements thrown into the mix for good measure.

I really didn't know what to expect when I first kicked this game into gear (that's one of my go-to sentences, I rarely ever know what I'm getting myself into every time I download a new game), and the first time I tried to play it through I fell well-short of beating it because, you know, I didn't know the lay of the land, where to find certain things and how the health bar worked.

After a few attempts though, you start getting a feel for things, and can start building up a method of getting everywhere you need to go in the time you have. It wasn't easy, but it was rewarding! The little hints of story are very intriguing too, and I found myself asking a million and one questions when the end credits rolled! Perhaps it's all ambiguous, and we have to take our own thoughts away with us.

Either way, this was a really fun little journey, and I encourage all fit and able hikers to take on the challenge of Fire Mountain themselves and see if they can dig out more of its secrets!

Keep up the awesome work Mojiken peeps! =)


Interesting game. 

This game was really good. I liked everything about it except the day cycle seeming to be too short, not sure if this was because of a time constraint or not, but other than that it was really good.  I included this on my Indie Game Showcase Wave 5.

This game took me back to my teen years playing quest based games :) I left it early though so as not to spoil the ending to any of my viewers who might want to check it out. keep it up buds 

Игра хороша, будем следить что будет дальше :)

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I really liked this game, and I'm not entirely sure why.  The story was strange and the art was awesome.  I liked all the problems that you had to solve through out the mountain.   It felt ominous, and it made me feel the way I did when I was younger and would play JRPG games.  Thank you for making this game.  

it very cool game and i enjoyed

here the full demo gameplay

loved the game! just wondering! what are your future plans for this game or a different one! mostly wondering if there others we can try out!

any plans to release this to Macs? i'd love to play, but sadly don't have the OS for it.

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done, uploaded the mac version of the game, enjoy the journey to the fire mountain :)

Hi! i really enjoyed playing this game i haven't finished the game yet but so far i am really enjoying it along with the art style of the game i can't wait to try and finish the game also i made a video so i hope you guys enjoy the video!

Very interesting game! Not sure if I got the end or if the end got me lol This was one of those games that just keeps you wanting to know more! Awesome stuff! 

It's a really visually appealing game. I'm not sure if I missed another statue for the item.

Anywho, here's my channel for other games I have played.  http://www.youtube.com/c/Levont

Already posted on twitter but really liked it, got lost a little but it was my fault haha


Nice playthrough :))
No matter what you do, at least you reached the summit. 🌋

I may have found a way to break the game.... otherwise it is a nice looking game..... that is really weird! Good, but weird.

whoopsie! yes you actually find the hidden door that leads to unfinished part of the ofrts, haha, I fixed this bug on v1.1.1sorry for the inconvenience!

Really cool game. Although i wan't good enough to beat it, it was still very cool.

Thank you for your visit to the Fire Mountain :)))

Really interesting and nice looking game! Loving the game so far but I ran out of time cause I died twice. Looking forward to finishing it soon! Made a video, hope you enjoy! 


NIce playthrough! Wish you luck to reach the summit! :DDD

great looking game !! unfortunately one of my arrow keys are broken at the moment (the down one) so, whats the controls?

Hey ya! You can also use WASD and space/z or even joystick to take a journey to the Fire Mountain, I hope it helps!

The graphic is so smooth and interesting looking! Although somehow I thought it was a peaceful game and now I got scared and force quit, I will try this again when I am not alone haha

should I label it under horror genre? haha
thank you for sharing! :D

Really well done! I would love to hear what the story is really about! 

Thank you so much for the video and the feedback :D


Looks great! Wish it was available for Mac :'(

hey thanks for the feedback, we'll try to upload the mac version next week

mac version uploaded :)
enjoy the journey to the fire mountain :))

Very cool! 

Wow, that looks stunningly beautiful and very mysterious. Thank you, I'll try it soon.