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that was a cute game

Hey I just played all your gAmes! Sorry you didn't get my messages I left on email and Instagram. I wanted to meet up in Surabaya

I saw you have multiple pages, I'm not sure which is your main one, but I played the prologue, so I figure I'd copy+paste my comment here:

Hey! This prologue was really cool. I'm interested to see where the story goes, learning more about Atma and Nirmala, and what other insights there will be into Indonesian culture! (I googled Cimol - looks tasty!) Good luck with the completion of your game!

What a beautiful game. I just found out you are also here on, and that there is a Bridge portion of the story available here. Can't wait to play that one too!! 

I can't wait for the full release, but also hope you take your time perfecting everything~ ^_^ Thanks for such a wonderful demo!

This game is absolutely gorgeous. <3


I absolutely loved the design of this game, and all its beautiful details, like the moving light through the branches of the trees, the rust on the gates or the cute cats chilling in the sun. I loved how complex the characters become and wow the ending made my heart cry so much. :'( I highly recommend this game and I can't wait to play the full version of it!

This is actually so beautiful :'D

absolutely gorgeous pixel art (the shading and sense of depth in each screen are incredible), animations are fantastic - the writing needs a little tightning up so it flows more smoothly, but otherwise an overall beautifully poignant and impressive proof of concept ^-^

Hi, I just played through the demo and I liked it. The writing's a tad weird when the characters mention the Magic Red Book so nonchalantly or when they say stuff they just did out loud. But other than that I really dig the art and the characters are cute. Best of luck with the full version!

I love the aesthetic... Do you have any idea of when the full game will come out? (Is it in active development?)

A nice concept, the characters are very likable from the very beginning. The art direction (music, art, Sfx) are all working together and creating great aesthetics for the game. I'd love to see a bit of polish on the boy's running animation, it seems he kind of slides in the end of the cycle.

Awesome game! Amazing art/story!
Could you make an Linux version (since you are using Unity)?
Also I really recommend to make a web version to make it easy for players to try your amazing game!

you guys nailed how all the adults act and think in the Nusantara. will buy this on steam or..... switch? hopefully

awesome game can't wait for more of it


Faz tradução em portugues por favor


I really love the animations in this game. also the flow of the story and the artwork of this game is 10/10. i can't believe i get to play a free game like this.

i hope in the future i can play more of this, so more power to the devs and this game!

It looks promising. But the writing needs sharpening. For example comets doesn't flash in the sky like meteor. They stay in the sky for even for hours.

Mojiken Studio... such a talented, bright bunch of people! This is another beautiful addition to their already impressive library of games.

The puzzles, the point and click aspects, the lovely story and bubbly relationship between the two main characters... everything comes together so well. Add to that lush background art and wacky NPCs and it all adds up to a riveting experience.

This is a wonderful little prologue, and the many different aspects of gameplay keep the whole thing ticking along nicely and I found myself helplessly hooked and unbelievably upset when it all came to an end.

I will be here. Waiting patiently for updates. And I can't wait to see more of this! =)

Anak SMA.


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I literally cried when the boy jumps into the water and says "we have a story to finish". This is my favourite pixelated game seriously :')

Deleted post

Had a lot of fun checking out this game! Very excited to see the final game when it releases. 

I have to say, this game was really good! I loved the mechanics of entering people's troubles and putting them at ease and such! Cannot wait to see more! 

hi from thailand!

i really loveeee this game! story is very interesting and Graphics art so beautiful i really like it! :D 

This is the most beautiful pixelated Game iv ever played love every part of it i felt sad at the ending tho cant wait for the full game

beautiful game! can't wait =D Love the cat /o/ will pet all the cats \o\

Keren banget!!! nggak sabar main versi penuhnya. :D


Fantastic. Here's my review!
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Amazing game, the beginning got me interested and the end got me hooked for the full release.
The only feedback I can give is that I didn't know it was possible to bring items inside a space dive, but that might just have been me not paying attention

It's wonderful and i can't wait for the full release 


This game is incredible. I threw it while drinking a beer ... so chill... perfect. 

Thank you!

mac version didn't work

Hello, thank you for letting us know! Right now, we are working to fix it. We'll get back to you  when the issue is solved

really great, hoping to play the full game and learn what happened/happens to the guy :O


Thank you! Don't forget to wishlist the game!


The story is so interesting, it got me hooked. I loved the art, I loved the story, I loved everything about this game. I can't wait for the full game release!


A lovely prologue... It seems like it's going to be quite a heartfelt quest. :)


Thank you!


Amazing game dev had so much fun playing it :) i hope you enjoy my gameplay 


Hello, creators and developers, and my potential viewers. Thank you for offering the opportunity to play this game. It was nostalgic and cute in so many ways. The animation and SE were really nicely done. There are some things I felt bit awkward in the dialogues, personally. This could be cultural thing though. I also felt bit too old for this type of game. Anyways, if you are interested in hearing my opinion, play the last 5 minutes of the video. Overall, I think that many young people like teenagers might enjoy this type of story. Thank you for reading.


This game was so beautiful in the end I almost cried. Can't wait to play the full game. I made a video hope you like it :)

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Bro no words this is one of the best games even tho its a demo best games i ever played

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