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It was a great game.


I loved that! Cute, beautiful style and I the visual direction in general. I would totally play the full version of this.


This reminded me so much of a raven monologue. Going into this one, I had actually forgotten this was the same studio, I played RM for the first time in April of 2018. Playing this gave me a great impression of what this dev team can do. I like the approach both games shared in which the narrative is not told in words but rather in music. Just all around a great work of artistry.  I'd like to wish you luck in your future projects, Team Owl is a great example of how animator giants become popular as well how hard animation can be. Keep making things you love and the rest will follow. 


What an absolutely gorgeous game! Thanks so much for working in this, I was hooked from beginning to end! Can't wait for a full release!

oh i hope there will be more! the art is so cute and pretty

Absoulutly amazing! can't wait for more

A really beautiful demo, can't wait for the full release.

stunning visuals, great game, loved the music. I can't wait until the full release! (●♡∀♡)


Beautiful narrative and excellent hand draw. The music has a charm, notes of nostalgia. What I liked most, without a doubt, were the drawings, what they express.

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Very beautiful game. 

Do you use GRIS for reference?

thank you for the support!🍂
yes! GRIS is one of our greatest influence as a silent game with great visuals.

I played this demo version.

Everything is great in this game!
Everything is great, including pictures and music !!

Although I am writing with the help of Google Translator.
But I want to say this.

Thank you for making this game.

Beautiful. I loved every single moment of this game. Absolutely going to be following your studio!

Really liked this little intro but I really have to warn people about the loud beep in the game. I'm a composer with pretty sensitive hearing and that noise made me have a beep in my ear. Please take note of this!!!!!

Beautiful game, I look forward to playing the full version.

Loved the game!! The music, along with the puzzles were fantastic!!! can't wait to see more :)


Beautiful game.. I probably ruined it with my weird sense of humor though lol XD


My experience with Mojiken Studios so far has been one of wonderment, discovery and delight, mixed with a vibrant handful of apprehensiveness and paranoia. When The Past Was Around is no different, a point and click puzzle game about a relationship that came and went.

What we don't know is why it came and why it went, and maybe we don't need to know. All we know is that what happened in between those two points was something wonderful, and perhaps that's why we're stuck thinking about those particular times, only to come back down to earth with a bump in the end.

Gameplay-wise, this is a great little scenery exploration game with some puzzles added to the mix, which aren't super hard to overcome, but give the game a bit more of a challenging aspect.

The whole thing is so pretty to look at, with breathtaking visuals and a melodious soundtrack. Everything I've come to expect from these devs and I honestly can't wait to see what they do next!

Please give this game a playthrough, you really won't regret it! =)

I absolutely loved this. I Can't wait to see more. Great job!

Thank you for the beautiful experience! Feel free to use my content :) Can't wait to play more of your games. 

Beautiful game, totally my type of point-and-click style. Not too complicated, but very easy to follow. Can't wait for the full release.

In the meantime, here's a gameplay that I did, check it out!

Wonderful little gem!

Beautiful art and music with some hidden clues of theme in the environment, but not that many in the gameplay itself. Looking forward to the full version!

This is such a beautiful game. I love point and clicks. The art style is so refreshing, the music was so relaxing. I can't wait to play the whole thing! I can't wait to see more from you.

The game was so relaxing to play and i also love the art style of the game, the music was great. Can't wait for the completion of the game. Keep up the good work! 

AHHHHH. It's so goooooood ^^

🎀 A BEAUTIFUL POINT & CLICK GAME! | When the Past Was Around Demo Full Gameplay Walkthrough

This was such a cute game.  I loved this demo, the art style was what first got my attention, and then the music kicked in and I found it wonderful.  Great job on this demo you guys made an awesome sample  to a game that I can't wait to see completed!  


This is gorgeous! This reminds me so much of the Rusty Lake series, without the creepy puzzles and story. The puzzles are great, the story is neat, and music is mellifluous. I can’t see the full version! 


A very promising demo, can't wait to see the full product! The art style and the music are beautiful. 

Although the story is vague, the environments give a peek into the situation step by step, through atmosphere rather than through dialog. The puzzles are logical and I suspect they will connect more with the narrative in the full version.  

I made a let'splay video, please let me know if you have any objections :)


Whoa ! I loved it ! Such a nice demo ! Looks like Rusty Lake without the creepy things :D !

I love it! I think i know what it's about, but I'll leave that for you to decide rather than my interpretation


Very beautiful game.  Loved the music and art style. Perhaps this comes with a fuller game and demo, but my only comment would be that it would be nice if there was further hints/clues as to how the puzzles we're solving are connected to a narrative.  

Answers to, why there is a music pattern written behind a bookshelf, why a bird is delivering a piece of a clock to me, etc.  Would love to see a cohesive narrative built around an otherwise very engaging experience.  Thanks for sharing!

Sorry that we left out the hint system, we're going to implement one in the full version for sure! 💪💪

Thank you for the feedback. It's really helpful

The hand-written art, the music, the story... Everything was just so beautiful! Puzzle games are always interesting and this one was a nice one with the story in between and a simple change of rooms was just overall a nice experience.

One thing I noticed was that the cursor doesn't change color if you hover over a clickable object, this would maybe help so you don't have to click on everything! :D

I don't know if you've heard of Game Development World Championship before (gdwc2019) but it's a competition for indie games and it's free to apply! It's great if you want some more visibility for the game and it only takes a couple of minutes to join :)


A beautiful game! I was surprised to hear that the art was hand- written, and I believe it is amazing you could do all of this. I have a feeling this'll turn into a wonderful game with a very unique plot line, and I'm already intrigued just from the demo!

This was a really enjoyable experience! Simple point and click mechanics and puzzles that I found quite engaging! Interested in seeing how this could be turned into a full game. It's an ambitious goal, but I think this is a solid base to build off.

With the direction the game is taking, then I hope you can take inspiration from other mute/show not tell-story games like Florence and find interesting ways to intertwine narrative and gameplay.

Thank you for the lovely demo!

Glad you had a good time playing this. And thanks for pointing out Florence, we're really love to play it and take a great inspiration from it 😊

The art style is unique and the sounds are so satisfying. An incredibly immersive work of art.

Thank you for the kind words, we put everything that we like into this game, seeing other people  like it too really make our day! 🍀

I loved it! Really looking forward to the complete version

Glad you like it~ We're working on the complete version, please wait! 😊

I hope you will build a full release cause this project is sublime. :) 


Whoa! Thanks for the video, it's a great way to see how people play our game ✨

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