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This art style is sooooo cute! I am in love!

I got it on Steam! It make me cry at the end. Simply beautiful!


this was absolutely beautiful, looking forward to playing the full game!

the art is beautiful. the music is beautiful. everything is beautiful. very engaging from the start til the end. what an amazing game!!

that was amazing life changing thanks dude

An emotional ride that will get you to think about the value of life and the importance of everyday’s little steps put together.

You can read more about it in my review (


Hello guys, hope you have an awesome day. Just one question, do you consider releasing full game game here on

Hello! I probably won't, but the full game is available on Steam ->


Yeah, I know that, but I prefer DRM-free stores (like or GOG) rather than Steam.

I remember seeing this demo played a long time ago, very moving story and art style !

Muito bom <3

Awe wish this was available for browser or linux :(

Very nice and relaxing game <3

I love it! But for some reasons, I find the owl man quite creepy 😂

The mini escape room game was fun! I still don't get what the game was about though,  so I hope I can see the plot in the full released version :)

the full version already out on steam, you can check it out

Deleted 2 years ago

самый красивый кликер, в который я когда-либо играл. графика на высоте, но загадки слишком простые

давайте надонатим разработчикам на продолжение :)


the most beautiful clicker i`ve ever played. the graphics are great, but the puzzles are too simple

let's donate the developers to continue :)

such a fun and cute game :)

Woah... really digging the art style and music of this game, which as of right now is a "taster" for the full experience.


the art in this is wonderful!

omg I loved this game so fun!


Great start for you guys! I love it already! I'm looking forward to the full-release version! :)


I absolutely LOVED everything about this! ESPECIALLY the art! It is just gorgeous all around, with great atmosphere and gameplay. I love love loved it. Can't wait for a longer version, though I thought the demo length was really good and gave you a few levels to get the feel of the game.


Pros and cons are down below) Check out me vid (the game is the 1st there):


1.  The art style is amazing! Very wholesome and heartwarming! I like the pastel colors you chose especially!

2. The concept of interacting with objects and revealing the story is cool. I love how many little interactable things there are!


1. I didn't quite get the story and the... owl? It's not necessarily a disadvantage. It was personally for me. I would like a bit more clarity.

2. The piano puzzle is strange. It has excessive hints that repeat themselves. I think you could do without shapes. It just seems out of the place because you expect something more complicated seing the shapes.


I enjoyed this a lot! It was a brief but bright experience that made me smile. Very beautiful! I wish to see more of your works!

Hope my feedback was useful!

What a beautiful experience! I teared up while playing. The art is an absolute delight, music is touching, and the storytelling is great. I look forward to any continuation on this game, and your others!



It was a great game.


I loved that! Cute, beautiful style and I the visual direction in general. I would totally play the full version of this.


This reminded me so much of a raven monologue. Going into this one, I had actually forgotten this was the same studio, I played RM for the first time in April of 2018. Playing this gave me a great impression of what this dev team can do. I like the approach both games shared in which the narrative is not told in words but rather in music. Just all around a great work of artistry.  I'd like to wish you luck in your future projects, Team Owl is a great example of how animator giants become popular as well how hard animation can be. Keep making things you love and the rest will follow. 


What an absolutely gorgeous game! Thanks so much for working in this, I was hooked from beginning to end! Can't wait for a full release!


oh i hope there will be more! the art is so cute and pretty

Absoulutly amazing! can't wait for more


A really beautiful demo, can't wait for the full release.

stunning visuals, great game, loved the music. I can't wait until the full release! (●♡∀♡)


Beautiful narrative and excellent hand draw. The music has a charm, notes of nostalgia. What I liked most, without a doubt, were the drawings, what they express.

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Very beautiful game. 

Do you use GRIS for reference?

thank you for the support!🍂
yes! GRIS is one of our greatest influence as a silent game with great visuals.

I played this demo version.

Everything is great in this game!
Everything is great, including pictures and music !!

Although I am writing with the help of Google Translator.
But I want to say this.

Thank you for making this game.

Beautiful. I loved every single moment of this game. Absolutely going to be following your studio!

Really liked this little intro but I really have to warn people about the loud beep in the game. I'm a composer with pretty sensitive hearing and that noise made me have a beep in my ear. Please take note of this!!!!!

Beautiful game, I look forward to playing the full version.

Loved the game!! The music, along with the puzzles were fantastic!!! can't wait to see more :)


Beautiful game.. I probably ruined it with my weird sense of humor though lol XD


My experience with Mojiken Studios so far has been one of wonderment, discovery and delight, mixed with a vibrant handful of apprehensiveness and paranoia. When The Past Was Around is no different, a point and click puzzle game about a relationship that came and went.

What we don't know is why it came and why it went, and maybe we don't need to know. All we know is that what happened in between those two points was something wonderful, and perhaps that's why we're stuck thinking about those particular times, only to come back down to earth with a bump in the end.

Gameplay-wise, this is a great little scenery exploration game with some puzzles added to the mix, which aren't super hard to overcome, but give the game a bit more of a challenging aspect.

The whole thing is so pretty to look at, with breathtaking visuals and a melodious soundtrack. Everything I've come to expect from these devs and I honestly can't wait to see what they do next!

Please give this game a playthrough, you really won't regret it! =)

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