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i was so confused when i saw "thanks for playing".. time to get full version and go through that panfull dialogue again..

Loved it! The quality is AMAZING with animations and everything. There's voice acting, amazing art, great story, and just an overall well made demo. I'm a bit concerned though. This hasn't been updated for a year, is this still going on? 

If this does become a full-game, I'd buy it pronto.

Hi loomiw,
We've already released the game last year.
Please check it out.

This was super cute <3 Best thing about this game was it's presentation. The style and colors are so cute and the music was cute, everything about this was so cute! The gameplay also reminded me of Spy Fox, or some of those edutainment games I used to play when I was younger, which is a plus for me. It makes have a little nostalgic feeling associated it, plus I love point and click games in general. There's a lot of potential here, good luck with making the rest of the game, I look forward to seeing it :)

whats the difference between this and the steam version?

Hi the_can,
This is just a DEMO of the full game on Steam.

So far so good. A great story mixed with beautiful visuals, plus a plethora of characters that we had a lot of fun voicing. I look forward to playing more of the game in the future!

Are you planning to release the full game on Itch?

Absolutely enjoyed the demo and loved the music and amazing art! Really looking forward to see what happens story wise and to  also meet more interesting characters and dive deeper into the lore of the world. Check out my video on the demo!

This was an absolute delight! Every single character is adorable, and every single scene is gorgeous to look at.

The point and click style isn't too taxing for casual gamers, but provides enough of a challenge to keep things interesting (I'm sure there may be some slightly more fiendish puzzle moments somewhere in the full game!).

The story is also very well put together, and I found myself itching to know what happens next, and what's the deal with the berry that keeps trying to invade our bag? And will Orchid make any other appearances (I loved that character way too much)?

Needless to say, I'll be keeping a close eye on the development of this game, was hooked from the start! Keep up the awesome work! =)

Really cute game! Loved the fairytale/storybook feel! And the music is so relaxing! Can't wait for the full version! Thank you devs! You can tell you put your heart and soul into this and its awesome!! 

Wow this is so pretty... I was floored by the details. Very nice!

This is a very cute game! The story is very interesting, the characters look amazing, and the backgrounds look lovely and colorful. I look forward to playing the full version very soon! 

I've made a video about your game. My appologies for my horrible dubbing  of the characters XD


Woah! 10/10 would like to hear you dub firefly again. 😂thank you for playing our game!

Please don't make me do it again XD


This is one very, very cute game. The Light Bearer is suuuper cute. I look forward to seeing the full version!


thank you so much! I am Suuper blushing to hear such praise. 😊

the full version of She and the Light Bearer will be available on steam, soon! please wait a little bit longer. 🌺


Ohh! This is so cute! Will you eventually make it available for Mac?

Yes, She and the Light Bearer will be available on Mac for its full-release. 🌼


<3 <3 <3 Love it!

Thaaanksss Aisyaaah~~ 🌻🌼🌷


Oh! I played this back at Tokyo Game Show 2017 and got a cute notepad and stickers too. This was my favourite thing at the indies booth, I love the art :) Looking forward to more!

Oh my, Nice to meet you again! :D
Please wait a little longer to see more of firefly and their friends in the forest. 🌳


What a beautiful game! The music and art style can really put a person's heart and mind at ease 

We'd like to hear more of your voice! It's so on point! 🌿🌿🌿
Thank you for playing our demo, i hope you will look forward to our full release on STEAM! 😊


Amazing game!!! i dont think point click game can be polished like this. music really bring out the nature and art is WOWWWWWW. i cant wait to play it at steam. just cry after its said thanks to play the demo

wishlist added. tell me if you need help

coconut mousse


Aaaaah~ I'm so embarrassed by your kind and touching remarks 😊
I hope you will like the full release on steam, soon!
Just spread your joy and happiness with firefly will be enough ☘☘☘


The art is beautiful, the music is enchanting with its originality and conformity with the atmosphere of the story, and the point-click puzzle is also entertaining especially accompanied with endearing characters.  And you don't know how glad I found this gem, an Indonesian indie studio too ^^

I pretty much look forward to the final version of this novel, and definitely will check your other projects.

Yay! I'm very happy to see you enjoyed She and the Light Bearer!
We'll tell you soon if there are any updates for the full-release version.
Do check and wishlist our steam~
Thank you for listening our fairytale!

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🌿Hello fellow Light Bearers!🌿

Thank you for checking out for our Demo. Feel free to share your own stories and thoughts here.

we'd really appreciate it, for real!

Have fun!

P.S. sorry if your posts are deleted, because we're changing the discussion format to comments.

P.P.S this fairy -tale will be fully released on steam, don't forget to wishlist it here: