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A little playthrough
Really nice art style

simply beautiful 

Asset  using Google sketch??


It's hand drawn actually~ :D


Very beautifoul game indeed, loved the art style, music and atmosphere, all together bring a pleasent and relaxing experience. Until I broke it with a sarcastic and silly commentary!

I made a video playing your game:

if you want to check, best of luck for your future projects, cheers!

Short, sweet, and simple. Yet every second carries a meaning that will keep you remembering this game years in the future!

Hello! I greatly enjoyed your game, it was a wonderful mixture of gorgeous art and lovely yet sorrowful storytelling! I'm glad I got the fan pack and I wish you all the luck in the world on your future projects as I cannot wait to see what other awesome things you make! I made a let's play of your game here~


Really awesome art and music! It made for a great atmosphere :) 

I made a small video in Spanish. Hope people loved it as much as i loved this game. Great game.

Just played your game. It's beautiful & wonderful & & & <3 thank you for this game!!! 

Loved it!

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Great job. =D

I love the music in this game also the art style is very creative!

Lovely game or story book really. Music was fantastic... :)

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Beautyfull. A lovely piece of art. Wonderfull job.

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