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This game was interesting. The story is well done but difficult if you want to have the true ending. I don't understand how to get the true ending but still a fun game. My partner and I played the game together and we had a unique experience because after the story was done, we started to think of the game as a puzzle. The art and music is outstanding too
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I like this game, like the art and music. 

Playing like an hour and i got the true ending i guess. The story is interesting and make me sick, hahaha.  I hope that will be more

I absolutely love this, but I'm really struggling to get the True Ending. I feel like it has something to do with the number of runes the client in Session 4 decides to take -- he pauses before taking runes, as if I'm supposed to do something, but no matter what I press he only takes three. Additionally, there's an open slot for a fourth rune. And no matter what order I put the runes in, it's always the same divination.

I also can't figure out how to get the casualty rate above 2%. (I once got 0% but that wasn't the answer, so I'm guessing I have to go higher.)

Any tips would be appreciated. Thanks for making such an intriguing game!

Hello! I brought this game yesterday, but my mail is still empty. Where I can get download link? 

If it's the most recent thing you bought, it should be the first thing listed here:

I don't know why, but link was sended to my second mail. I don't know why. Thanks, everything is ok. Going to play this beautiful game, thanks!

AMAZING game! The art style blew me away I just loved everything about it!

I don't know if you've heard of Game Development World Championship before (gdwc2019) but it's a competition for indie game developers where they can submit their games and it's free! It's great if you want some more visibility for the game and it only takes a couple of minutes to join :)

This looks great! Is there any chance of a mac release?


Yup, working on it now :D

awesome! I'm very excited


The mac version is up, please check it out :)

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Wow, this is really good.

EDIT:  Gah!  Can anyone give me a hint on how to get the true ending?  I keep ending up with 6%!


Any chance of this coming to Steam? I would end up buying it anyways if not but I definitely prefer to have it in my library if possible :D


Yes, it might take time to process it and we might increase the price a little bit tho.

Dope aesthetics here.

Thank you! You have some interesting stuff too, I need to check it later :)

I wanna play it!

Please buy the game to support us :D

Awesome game, brilliant writing. Got the true ending. Through I'm still wondering how many different endings we got here (seems like all not-true endings only have different on the final percentage of causulties)

Hello, awesome game!
I got the true ending. I really like your game even wrote an Introduction with Chinese on some forum. But some of my friends still have the problem with English. So if you are willing to do the Chinese Localization. Please contact me. And I have to say I do not konw much the Unity engine, the work I can do maybe expend some your times. 

Glad you like it, thank you for sharing it on forum.
As for the localization, we will be happy to work with you. Please send an email to so we could discuss it there :)
We will export the text to spread sheet, so you don't have to worry about Unity.

I finally got the true ending I think.

But I wonder what it means???

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Congrats :D
Really appreciate you spend your time to finish the game.

It runs on ultrawide resolution (2560x1080) but the divination board UI broke.

Otherwise, great concept! I would love to see this expanded to be a full game.

Thank you for playing and reporting the bug. Unfortunately we have to drop the support for that resolution.

Glad you enjoy the game :)

Loved it (there are a few typo's in there though) - and I never managed above 2% despite a four or five playthroughs (maybe I struggled to figure out the objective!). Interesting none-the-less- would love to see more of this!

Thank you for playing :D
Yeah we're currently hunting those typo's to update the game.

As for the objective, there are hints in the client's dialog and the news. Hope you get the true ending :)