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This was a really lovely game. I always loved game that have a compelling story to tell. I can't wait to see the full game!

Thanks for making the Linux build !

I'm ashamed to say I had to look up how to "play" this, but it ended up being a really lovely experience just waiting and enjoying the slow passing of time. And that ending was very intriguing, reminds me of Gridman almost! I loved the Prologue as well and am really looking forward to the full game. :D

Can’t wait to play A Space for the Unbound on my Playstation. It’ll be a day 1 purchase for me. 

Please consider offering a physical release. 

I am not a very patient person, so I had to restart the game several times before meeting my friend and seeing the ending of this prologue. But then, little by little, I started to pay more attention to the birds hoping and eating around, the cat chilling next to me, the moving clouds and the colors of the world. I'm happy I was patient enough to see the ending of this one. 


was created before or after the prologue?


This was created way before the prologue chapter

oh okay

Loved the pixel art graphics! 

I can't believe you made me wait five minutes, that's a ballsy move. Though it actually wasn't hard to do with such amazing art to look at... Looking forward to more!


This game has potential to be a amazing game, especially with a plot like that.

i am still waiting for the full version of this game.

Good luck, Mojiken Studio ! teruslah berjuang !

I love the graphics ! I can't wait to play the full version xD

its been 7 years, and the game released this year. u still alive? XD